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A few readers have emailed in to our site and left some pretty lovely comments. Thanks again for your support! Some common running questions that have popped up that I thought I would address:

1 How do you find clothes as seen on the show?
There are different ways I find clothes seen on the show. My most common method is to look at the outfit piece and identify any signature trademarks from the designer (e.g. tailoring, style, fabrics/patterns). From there I usually look into items fitting the designer’s style through the designer’s website, ShopStyle and Lyst.

Similarly, I might also look into brands that the characters have been seen with frequently on the show (e.g. BOSS Hugo Boss – Laurel, Anthropologie – Felicity). Sometimes the designers/brands tweet about pieces as seen on the show and I will use that information on the site (of course, with appropriate credit).

Another way, is to put in search parameters for a piece on sites such as ShopStyle and Lyst – this is usually my last option as I usually have to sift through pages and pages of results.

2 How do you find items so fast – before an episode airs?
The search for some items occasionally starts at least 1-2 weeks before an episode airs. I begin searching using promotional stills from episodes, promotional episode previews, social media photos from cast and/or filming and set pictures from Vancouver based photographers and Arrow fans. After that it is just a matter of finding items and scheduling a post to be published the week that the episode airs.

3Is your information free to use? Do I have to give credit?
I created the site with the purpose to share information freely to fans of Arrow. Site information is free to use, consider our terms of use when using any content from our site.

If you do use our information, kindly credit ‘’ – it does take a while to find some of the items, so it would be unfair to claim information as your own.

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