Laurel: Gold Pave Chevron Rings

Posted in 3x23 “My Name is Oliver Queen" 4x01 "Green Arrow", 4x02 “The Candidate", 4x04 “Beyond Redemption", 4x05 “Haunted", 4x07 "Brotherhood", 4x08 "Legends of Yesterday", 4x09 “Dark Waters", 4x10 “Blood Debt", 4x12 “Unchained", 4x13 “Sins of the Father", 4x14 “Code of Silence" , 4x15 "Taken", 5x08 “Invasion!”, 5x10 “Who Are You?"


XIV Karats: Rose Gold Pave V Ring @ (Available instore) $900

Image credit: XIV Karats

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