A Breakdown of Felicity’s Loft (formerly Thea and Oliver’s)

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Keeping in stride with our previous post on Felicity’s apartment, we bring you a breakdown of Thea and Oliver’s loft from Season 3. Definitely the hardest of the 2 interior design posts we have done so far, minimalistic and modern are two words that can describe the new abode for the Queen siblings.

Looking at the loft, it is safe to say it is the least ‘homely’ looking place out of all the characters from Arrow. Perhaps we are sensing some mise en scène? The bare nature of the loft set alongside the magnificent Star City backdrop almost emphasises the few Queens left (also how little they now have) and its need to be filled when juxtaposed with the Queen manor. That or it could simply allude to Malcolm Meryln’s cold, sociopathic personality – after all his money did buy the house.

Maybe we are reading too deep into things. Here are the finds from Thea and Oliver’s loft:


  1. Table Lamp Chrome/White Fabric Shade @ Moeshomecollection.ca $199
  2. Zio Side Table Walnut @ Moeshomecollection.ca $269


Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp @ Allmodern.com $1310 $980



Lagarno Coffee Table Walnut W/Glass Door @ Moeshomecollection.ca $799 $395


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  1. Posta 2 Level End Table @ Hayneedle.com $245 $219.52
  2. Behive Pendant Light @ Ylighting.com $1056


Laura Glass End Table @ Moeshomecollection.ca $179

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